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Horse Show Rules

** The Horse Show Committee reserves the right to add, drop or combine classes **


Year-end awards: 
To qualify you must attend 3 shows in the 2014 season, be a Scottsdale Saddle Club member in good standing and work 1 hour of volunteer time for each show attended.  Sign-up sheets will be located at the sign in table.
3. Conduct and Safety: Any un-sportsmanship conduct or abuse will cause an exhibitor to be dismissed by the judge or Scottsdale Saddle Club committee person.  Any horse may be excused for lameness or for posing a danger to other horses and exhibitors by the judge or Scottsdale Saddle Club committee person.
4. Refunds: No refunds once entries are paid. Refunds will not be given due to poor weather, dropped patterns, disqualifications or lameness.
5. Ribbons: Will be awarded 1st through 6th place.
6. Lead line: Riders who are in lead line may not enter other classes and must be led by someone 15 or older.  Horse must have bridle on with child holding reins. Western attire to be worn at Western Shows, English attire to be worn at English shows.  ALL lead line riders MUST have a handler with them at ALL times when they are mounted.
7. Walk/Trot: If you are showing in the walk/trot division you cannot show in the 3-gaited divisions. The walk/trot divisions are designed to be a stepping stone for children/adults new to showing. We will not be allowing walk/trot riders to school in 3-gaited classes so please make sure you are signing up for the correct classes. In the event a walk/trot rider wished to enter a 3-gaited division, points will not be carried over to the new division during the show year and vice versa.
8. Point Horse: Riders will need to declare their point horse at each show for: jumping, trail, ranch horse and halter classes. This is the only horse you will be able to earn points with in these divisions. You may still place on both horses, but you will only accumulate points on one.
9. Schooling/Showing: Riders may only show in one division in the same show (either walk/trot or 3-gaited). 3-gaited riders may school horses in the walk/rot classes. There will be no schooling allowed in the poles or trail classes. Schooling will be allowed in Horsemanship classes if time allows. Schooling riders must still dress appropriately for a show.
10. Rail classes: If over 16 riders the class will be split and judged separately.
11. Equipment/Schooling Horses: No training forks, standing martingales, running martingales, tie downs or draw reins will be permitted in any regular classes. Martingales, protective leg wraps and bell boots will be allowed for jumping except Hunter Hack.
12. Schooling horses: should follow all class rules and announcer requests. Please be respectful of competitors working towards daily and year end points in the classes.
13. Western Attire: Western hat (or helmet) and boots must be worn in all classes. Western riders should wear a long sleeved western type shirt with a collar. All boots must have a 1/2" or greater heel.
14. English Attire: English riders must wear helmets, collared short (polo type ok) and boots. Half Chaps with paddock boots are permitted.
15. Ranch Horse: No banded or braided manes (unless horse is also showing in Western Pleasure), No tail extensions, a rope halter (nylon or plain leather) is to be used in conformation class. No excess silver on saddles or bridles.
16. Halter: Only one horse may be shown by a handler in each class and points will be carried with the horse for the year.
17. Western: Snaffle bridle riders must use two hands. Snaffle bits are allowed with a strap that does not exert pressure on the horses chin. Bits with a curb chain or shank must use one hand.
18. Outside arenas: Riders must walk their horses at all times when outside the arenas.
19. Bleachers/Announcers Stand: No horses allowed in the bleacher area or around the announcer's stand.
20. Age of rider: The age of the rider as of January 1st will determine the age group the rider will be in for that year.
21. Grievance: Any grievance must be submitted in writing before the end of the Horse Show and may not be discussed at the announcer's stand.
22. Park Rules: ALL Horse Lovers Park rules must be followed. HLP is now under private management and the insurance policy requires all riders obtain a day pass or annual pass to ride at HLP Daily and annual passes are available at the entry booth the day of the show.
23. Year End Awards: There will be 5 shows held for both Western & English with only the top four scores counting. Must ride in 3 of the 5 shows.  They must also contribute a minimum of one hour per show. Volunteer hours are per person. Volunteers are responsible for verifying their hours with the horse show chairman.
24. Walk/Trot Champion & Reserve: Riders who won either champion or reserve in the walk/trot division for the preceding year will move up to the 3-gaited division the next year. They will not be allowed to show walk/trot again.
25. Novice Ranch Horse: The novice ranch horse division is open to any one who qualifies as a novice or amateur under open horse show rules. If you have previously won champion or reserve in the ranch horse class you will be expected to show in open.
26. Youth Ranch Horse: Is open to anyone age 18 and under as of January 1, 2014. You may continue to show until your 19th birthday.
27. Helmets are required for all jumping classes.
28. It is the expectation of SSC and show management that good sportsmanship be exercised at all times.  Interrupting the judge during a class is not acceptable.  This pertains to exhibitors, coaches and trainers. All questions concerning patterns should be addressed prior to the start of a class with the ring steward.  In the event that you have questions for a judge please wait until a break or the end of the show.