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Progress and civilization eventually caught up with us (the north end of Scottsdale Airport’s newest runway passes through where our arena was), necessitating the 1981 dismantling of the facility.

In November of 1982, we excitedly participated in the city’s ground breaking ceremony of what has now become Horseman’s Park at WestWorld. The dedication was finally held in May of 1983. Unfortunately, the Bureau of Land Reclamation (landlord of this property) could not allow the club to use the facilities free of charge nor to pay a reduced rental fee. Thus, the club lost it’s home in Scottsdale.
For many years SSC worked with the City of Scottsdale on a “Trail Patrol Program.”  We helped patrol and save dedicated trails throughout Scottsdale and established new ones. Unfortunately, in 2006 the City of Scottsdale relieved us of our trail patrol duties. We are members of the Reach 11 project in Phoenix and the Arizona State Horseman’s Association. Most of our members own their own horses but this is not a requirement for membership. All club activities are planned to include all family members. Living in the “Valley of the Sun” gives us vast and varied opportunities for enjoyment and with just a suggestion followed by a few phone calls, we can get a function organized and off we go.

In 1974, an idea sparked to form an organization of and for horsemen in Scottsdale and the North Phoenix area. Sponsored by the City of Scottsdale, the group worked diligently to raise funds and gather materials to construct Scottsdale’s first “horse park and arena” on ground that had previously been set aside for a police shooting range. Upon completion of the arena, a grand opening ceremony was held and the facility was dedicated back to the City of Scottsdale to maintain. For seven years, we shared the park with snakes, spiders and other assorted desert dwellers.