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You never know what will happen on the way, a flat tire, horse won't load, forgot something and had to go back home to get it. Well, now you can make sure you are signed up for the gymkhana no matter what happens. Plus you will have more time to get ready, run time onlys, and be with your family and friends.

OPTION #1:   Online Entry
Just a couple rules for your online entries:

1). Go to the  the "Gymkhana Info" page and click the "Online" entry form link, fill it out and then click submit. It’s that easy!

2). Please submit your online entry form at least 48 hours prior to the gymkhana. If you do NOT receive a confirmation in 24 hours, please email: klove4c@yahoo.com

3). On the morning of the gymkhana you still need to come over to the sign-up table to pay for your entry, sign your form (it will be printed for you) and pick up any time only tickets you may have bought. It will be a MUCH shorter line and a lot LESS wait.

OPTION #2:   Mail-In Entry

Just a couple rules for mailing in your entries:

1). Go to the "Gymkhana Info" page and click on the "Printable" entry form link.

2). Print the entry form and fill it out entirely, including parents signature (if applicable).

3). Send completed form with a check to:

Cassi Libonati  
ATTN: SSC Entry Form                       
P.O. Box 71425
Phoenix, AZ 85050
** (Checks Payable to: Scottsdale Saddle Club   OR   SSC) **

NOTE: Your entry must be postmarked a minimum of 10 days prior to the event.
No refunds or credits. Just the same as when you sign up the day of, there are no refunds or credits.Please make sure if you are NOT a member to add $15 to your total. The $15 is a temporary (1 day) member fee which covers the SSC insurance. If you are unsure if you are a member or not, please feel free to e-mail us and ask. We will be more than happy to help out and answer any questions you may have.

Gymkhana Pre Entry Info