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Gymkhana Rules
The SSC Code of Conduct will be enforced at all times

1. The leadline class will only compete in the first 2 events and will receive one participant ribbon for the day’s events.
2. The Novice 18 & under class and the Adult Amateur Novice 19 & over is for NOVICE RIDERS ONLY. Please do not enter these classes if you do not belong there. Year-end CHAMPIONS and RESERVE CHAMPIONS are not eligible to repeat the same class the following year.
3. NOVICE MEANS: walk, trot and SLOW lope is permitted BUT if the lope is to fast the rider will be disqualified as per the set time of 30 seconds for the cloverleaf barrels and 20 seconds for the poles (the novice class weaves up and back six poles no extra run up and back). An average time will be set for the 2nd pattern at every gymkhana.
4. NOVICE AMATEUR ADULT MEANS: Same as #3 above except the set time for barrels will be 28 seconds and poles 18 seconds. Also this class is based on the rider’s ability not the horse. No trainers allowed in this class or any other rider that rides in open barrel racing events such as NBHA, AW etc.
Leadline: MUST ride in both events for it to be a qualifying show.
Novice & Adult Novice: MUST ride in 2 of the 3 events for it to be a qualifying show.
Age Classes: MUST ride in 3 of the 4 events for it to be a qualifying show.
ALL: Must qualify in MORE than HALF the events for the year to earn Year End Awards.
(Example: If there are 10 shows you must have 6 qualified shows).
NO ALCOHOLIC beverages allowed at any SSC events.
7. No personal timing or coaching to speed up and slow down throughout the pattern will be allowed in the Novice and Adult Novice classes. If we find that someone (inside or outside of the arena) is timing and coaching the rider to go faster or slower they will be disqualified from the class. This does not include if a rider is out of control and the trainer/parents/friends, etc. are telling the rider to slow down for safety reasons. Coaching for safety reasons only will be permitted. Judge/committee decision is final.
8. Current rider must enter the arena within 30 seconds of being called or forfeit his/her turn.
9. Horses will be allowed help when entering the arena as long as it is done in a safe manner. No running horses through the entry/exit gates.
10. At the judge's discretion, a rider may be disqualified for horse abuse, unsportsmanlike conduct, lack of control or unsafe situations.
11. A rider may request that a jump be laid on the ground, adding a 5 second penalty to their time.
12. There is a 5 second penalty for knocking over a barrel, pole or jump.
13. A maximum of 2 riders may use the same horse for age classes. (No limit in Leadline, Beginner and Novice)
14. Time will not be given for major tack changes, please be prepared.
15. A rider may enter more than one horse for the day but will only collect points, ribbons and high point or reserve on the designated point horse. POINT horse must qualify according to rule #5.
* note: all horses other than your point horse will be ridden in the non point horse class.
16. If you enter 2 classes or less you will not receive points or ribbons for the day. Note: you will automatically be put into the non point/2nd horse class at the $4.00 per class rate
17. All horses (point and non point) entered in the Speed Horse Event will collect points in the Speed Horse Event as long as you ride each horse in all 4 events on that day.
18. One entry form per horse is required.
19. No whipping or spurring in front of the cinch.
20. All riders must wear boots with a heel of ½" or greater, long pants and use a western type saddle.
21. HELMETS: leadline  and novice 18 & under are required to wear a helmet at all times while riding. All riders are highly recommended to wear helmets for safety reasons; there are loaner helmets available at the announcers booth.
22. Leadline riders MUST wear a helmet, leader must be16 yrs or older and leader must hold lead no more than 2 ft from the halter.
23. In leadline classes the horse must cross the start and finish line first.
24. No re-rides for broken equipment or your horse falling.
25. Gymkhana Chairperson, judge or designated person/s decision is final. This INCLUDES “standard operating procedures”.
26. No refunds once entries are paid. Refunds will not be given due to poor weather, dropped patterns, DQ’s or lameness.
27. If you move into a different class and intend to carry your points you need to do so by the beginning of the 3rd gymkhana of the year. After the 2nd gymkhana you will forfeit your points and start with 0.
28. No Late Entries! Entries will be cut off 15 minutes prior to start time.
29. Ties will be broken by a run off of the affected parties present. Parties not present will default.
30. No racing in the warm up arena or parking lot.
31. Riders must WALK their horses at all times when outside the arena and NO riding double at any time on the HLP premises. 
32. No horses allowed in the bleacher area or around the announcer's stand.
33. The age of the rider as of January 1st will determine the age group the rider will ride in for that year.
34. The use of profanity or abusive language by any contestant will result in disqualification from that event and could result in disqualification from the entire gymkhana.
35. Any act of discourtesy or disobedience toward any Gymkhana Official/Board or Committee Member, in and out of the arena, will result in disqualification for the duration of the Gymkhana. It could also result in removal from all SSC events and activities for the remainder of the year.
36. Any grievance must be submitted in writing before the end of the Gymkhana and may not be discussed at the announcers stand.
37. All Horse Lovers Park rules must be followed.
38. If a timer failure occurs, the rider has the option of up to two re-rides. If during the first re-ride an obstacle is knocked over, the rider may take a second re-ride. If the second re-ride is taken, it voids the first re-ride and the rider must take the time given during the second re-ride. When the first re-ride is successful (no obstacles were knocked over) the rider is required to take that time and a second re-ride is not allowed.
39. End of the day high point tie breakers for Novice classes will be the lowest total combined points of all 3 events and a no time will count as 99.99.
40. End of the day high point tie breakers for the age classes will be the rider with the fastest time in an event which will be picked at the beginning of the day as our tie breaker event. The event will always be the same event that is chosen for the speed horse event.
41. A BROKEN PATTERN (being defined as any illegal crossover) constitutes a NO TIME.