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-January Horse Show points  have been uploaded.

Since 1974, Scottsdale Saddle Club has been focused on a fun, safe, family oriented atmosphere with classes and events for the beginner to the advanced rider.

-At this time, Friends of Horse Lovers Park (operating management) has not been able to give Scottsdale Saddle Club a contract for the 2020 year with pricing for the full year.  Each year, every dollar that we make on our events goes back into the year end award fund for all our members.  Because of this, we try to be as financially responsible as possible and we do not believe that we can sign into a contract for a full year without knowing the financial impact that it will have on our club.

Welcome to Scottsdale Saddle Club, Arizona's oldest and most active saddle club.  We are a non-profit, volunteer based club with over 200 members ranging from toddlers to seniors.